Copper is an environmentally friendly choice of roofing material. A natural product, it is non-toxic to humans and animals, energy efficient and can be 100% recyclable.

Copper’s malleability makes it suitable for the most intricate of jobs. From large scale commercial roofs to small pergolas and structures, it can be formed and contoured to almost any design.

Copper is commonly used in standing seam systems, adding to its durability thanks to the watertight properties of standing seam roofs.

Copper is compatible with other roofing materials such as slate roof tiles, cedar shingles, lead and stainless steel. It is therefore often used in conjunction with slate roofing projects thanks also to its complementary colour properties.

With over 30 years experience in the slate roofing industry, we are able to consult on a wide range of projects and advise on the most suitable products to use for any job, along with the best fixing methods.


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