Glendyne Slate

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Glendyne Slate

Quarry of origin: Quebec, Canada

Glendyne slate is produced in the town of Saint Marc du Lac Long, Quebec, Canada.

Produced from deposits laid down 500 million years ago, these top quality slates are dark charcoal grey in colour with tones of blue. They have a fine textured surface with a smooth finish so are known for lying beautifully flat on a roof.

Like our other slates they contain no pyrites or metallic intrusions. A very reliable premium roofing slate.

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Produced from deposits laid down 500 million years ago

Notorious for their exceptional quality the Glendyne slate has test certificates from France NF228, Belgium STS 43.03.6, North America ATSM C406-00 and United Kingdom ES 12326-2.

Glendyne slate will withstand the most severe weather conditions, and when laid correctly will last the lifetime of the building and require no special maintenance.

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