Other Products

Koramic Terracotta Shingles


Koramic is the largest producer of clay roof tiles in Europe.

Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure that all Koramic clay roof tiles offer maximum durability and optimum colour consistency. These clay tiles have received a lowest environmental impact rating in the UK and comply with the BS EN 1304 requirement and BS 5534.

Their distinctive clean contemporary look is desirable for both heritage buildings or the modern home.

Western Red Cedar Shingles


Cedar Shingles are a great choice for home roofs, outdoor rooms and gazebos. They offer exceptional insulation and require very little maintenance, whilst providing a very natural and rustic texture for your roof. Shingles are ideal for renovations as well as new builds. 

Cedar shingles not only enhance the appearance of your home, they stand strong with durability, no matter where you live or how harsh the climate is. 

Cedar is a highly sustainable and renewable natural roofing material, offering one of the lowest carbon footprints of all building products. Cedar allows you to enhance your property, not only aesthetically but environmentally too.


Premier Slate have been supplying lead sheets to the Australian market for a number of years. Our supplier produces the finest quality rolled/ milled lead sheets.

Produced from soft lead ingots under the strict controls of a European Standard BS EN 12588. The performance of this lead is very high, with a lifespan in excess of one hundred years and maintenance free. The matt grey appearance of this lead remains consistent and permanent after an initial weathering period.

Premier Slate are dedicated to reducing waste and landfill and try to recycle wherever we can. Lead is 100% recyclable regardless of how often or how long it has previously been used.

We supply lead rolls from 15kg thickness to 40kg thickness which makes it suitable for various applications such as weatherproofing, roof flashing, soakers, pitched valley gutters, dormers and vertical cladding. Also medical fit out centres, xray machines etc.

Available in 3mtr lengths and can be cut to widths of 150mm to 1200mm.


Like copper, zinc has become a favourite in contemporary architecture as it is easy to manipulate in bespoke roofing and facade design.

Zinc also develops a protective patina over time, reducing maintenance worries and costs, whilst providing outstanding longevity. When installed correctly, zinc roofing can last up to 100 years without degradation.

Zinc’s timeless silvery-grey appearance makes it an excellent choice not only as a stand-alone roofing option, but also when used in unison with slate and other building materials.



Copper is an environmentally friendly choice of roofing material. A natural product, it is non-toxic to humans and animals, energy efficient and can be 100% recyclable.

Copper’s malleability makes it suitable for the most intricate of jobs. From large scale commercial roofs to small pergolas and structures, it can be formed and contoured to almost any design.

Copper is commonly used in standing seam systems, adding to its durability thanks to the watertight properties of standing seam roofs. 

Copper is compatible with other roofing materials such as slate roof tiles, cedar shingles, lead and stainless steel. It is therefore often used in conjunction with slate roofing projects thanks also to its complementary colour properties.


Premier Slate carry a wide range of reclaimed roofing slates, ridge caps, chimney pots, finials, saddles etc. Please email or call to discuss your requirements.

At Premier Slate we are dedicated to recycling wherever possible and reducing waste sent to landfill. With Welsh slate often being taken off roofs and put back on again or for repairs we therefore have a range of second hand Welsh slates available in different sizes.

Klober Breathable Sarking

Premier Slate are suppliers of a breathable membrane known as Permo air. It is the most breathable air open low resistance underlay on the market. Permo air is the ideal solution in areas where there is a high risk of condensation forming in the roofspace, especially useful for humid conditions.

Product features & benefits:

  • Air open & vapour permeable
  • Over 13% more breathable than any other ‘air open’ underlay on the market
  • Lowest vapour resistance of all breathable membranes
  • Being both air open & vapour permeable further minimises the risk of condensation forming
  • No ventilation required
  • Strong 3 layer material
  • Superior nail tear strength